Tuesday, 5 November 2013

‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ Comes Back With Heartwarming Moments and Laughter

"Shinhwa Broadcast", a multi-entertainment show featuring Shinhwa, made its comeback after a 5-month hiatus. Their last episode aired in June. Although Kim Dong Wan is no longer with the show, the five members did a good job shoring up his empty spot with their wit and teamwork.

The first episode of the second season featured Shinhwa visiting a dog shelter to find "little legends" ('Shinhwa' means 'legend' in Korean). "Little legends" are chosen by Shinhwa to honor them as people who humbly do extraordinary things.

The members received a lead from one of their fans who told them about the dog shelter that is located in Incheon. They all received their rabies shots prior to arriving at the dog shelter. Their hearts melted as they saw the dogs that were abandoned and abused.

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Eric could not look away from a particular dog. Her name was 'Ara'. She was an abused and abandoned dog that was rescued by the owner of the facility. As would be expected, Ara was extremely defensive and did not let anyone get close to her. Eric did not give up, however, and finally won over Ara with gifts of food.

Andy quietly cleaned the dirty dog houses without complaint, and Lee Min Woo and Shin Hye Sung washed and walked the dogs.

The "little legend" that they discovered were the people who ran the dog shelter, one of whom graduated from the prestigious Yale University. Their affection for the abused dogs kept them there. When they spoke of how they miss the dogs that were successfully adopted, Shinhwa members shed their tears as they were touched by the love for the dogs that these workers had.

Season 2 of "Shinhwa Broadcast" is planned, as was the first episode, to be both entertaining and touching in the ensuing episodes as well.

Photo credit: JTBC

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